Million Dollar Question: Is There a Safe Investment with Moderate or High Returns?

By Craig Cash

It's a great question indeed because for most people investing can be a little scary - especially if you risk with your own money.

But what you should do? Hold in in your savings account for literally no gain at all?

You see, if you look back in the history, there was this one small stock that very few people knew about that soared by 80,962% over time.

It turned around 10,000 Americans to so-called 'one stock millionaires' and gave them the freedom to retire early, buy a new house or go on the vacation of their dreams. They could do anything they wanted.

Can you guess what was that stock?

Well, the little-known stock that they invested back in a day is called - Microsoft.

But nobody could predict the growth of that company or any of the other TOP stock companies you see on the market today.

So how do you balance it - how do you create a portfolio that's SAFE, but gives you predictable RETURNS?

The answer is diversification. When you do it right, you can have a safe investment with moderate and high returns regardless of the stock market.

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Alright, back to diversification...

So these are the type of investments that you might consider when building a safe portfolio:

1. Bonds. Bonds are a safer investment than stocks. This is because a stock is an investment without a guaranteed return, while a bond is similar to a loan and has a promised return, plus interest.

  • There is a difference between promised and guaranteed. No investment can be guaranteed but with bonds, you know what to expect. Look for investments with a low probability of default (the chance that the company would close its doors or file bankruptcy).
  • Bonds are generally paid back to you by the end of the year. However, the terms can be different for each agreement.
  • The larger the bond, the larger the profit. But remember, you're always going to make more money on a higher-interest bond. So, you may be better off investing your funds in one high interest bond rather than two lower interest bonds.

2. Stocks. As mentioned, stocks can be risky but, in order to earn a high return, some level of risk must be involved. You can minimize your risks by choosing one of the safer stocks (such as constantly thriving defensive stocks) to invest in.

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  • Investing in defensive stocks, which are reliable and have proven their longevity and profitability, allows you a small blanket of security that you wouldn't get investing in the newest, hottest companies, which can tank at any moment.
  • Keep in mind, when investing in stocks, there are no 100% safe choices, but you can minimize your risk by buying stocks of a timetested and profitable company. Or spread out your risk by investing in profitable, long-standing mutual funds where your return is based on a portion of a whole portfolio of stocks.
  • Stocks are a better choice for your long-term financial planning goals. If you're a cautious investor, look for a long-standing solid company to invest in.

3. Multi-family real estate. A multi-family dwelling is a safer investment than a single-family home because you're able to retain more tenants. Therefore, if one tenant decides to leave at the end of their lease, you still have other tenants set up in other units that are still generating income.

  • Multi-family dwellings are more profitable than single-family homes. For example, if you have three 2-bedroom units renting for $700each per month, you're bringing in $2,100 per month. As opposed to the one, smaller income from just one tenant.

Developing an investment strategy takes patience and an honest assessment of your risk tolerance. A smart strategy is to spread your risk and return through a diversified portfolio of investments, some with lower risk and others with moderate risk.

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